Logo NBSIn 2007, the German government adopted the National Strategy on Biological Diversity (NBS), complying with the Convention on Biological Diversity. The strategy comprises a concrete vision how biodiversity should be protected and used sustainably in the medium and long term, listing over 300 objectives and a range of action fields with over 400 measures for the implementation of the objectives. Furthermore, the strategy developed a set of indicators to estimate how successfully the strategy objectives will be met in the future and includes information and guidelines on reporting and monitoring. A web page informs about the strategy, activities, initiatives and the progress of the implementation process.

The responsible bodies for the implementation of the strategy are the European Union, the German national government, the Bundesländer and local authorities, but also other stakeholders, thus inviting the private sector and NGOs to participate in the implementation. Addressing these stakeholders, the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety together with the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation regularly hosts dialogue forums at national and local level which are focusing on a specific topic or a select group of stakeholders.

The proposed measures of the strategy are to be implemented by stakeholders from the authorities, the private sector and the civil society until the year 2020.

The NBS and tourism

On action area of the National Strategy on Biological Diversity is dedicated to tourism and nature-based recreation. The vision reads: "Our vision for the future: The diversity and beauty of nature and the countryside support sport, recreation and the experience and discovery of nature, as well as helping to shape regional identity. Tourism, sport and recreation do not significantly impair nature and landscape. Together with nature conservation, they are committed to the conservation of cultivated and natural landscapes." One aim under this vision is for example that by 2020, recreation and tourism offerings and infrastructures in Germany are based on eco-friendly, nature-compatible models. Tourism also affects other topics of the strategy such as water protection, human settlements and transport, rural regions and regional development and climate change. Therefore, tourism needs to address the objectives of these action areas in an adequate way.

ETE is participating in the implementation of the strategy through various projects. The project "Tourism fosters biological diversity" was carried out from 2010-1013 and supported by the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation with funds from the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety. Within the frame of the project, a national working group on biodiversity of 15 German NGOs has been established that supports the implementation of the National Strategy on Biological Diversity.

Further information:

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