In the frame of the project, ETE in cooperation with the Working Group on Tourism and Biodiversity consisting of 15 national NGOs from the fields of nature conservation, environmental protection, leisure and tourism, released a series of publications to promote sustainable tourism.

Overview of project outcomes


Training tool on biological diversity and tourism

Titel Schulungsmodul  

The training tool for the capacity building of tour guides aims at mainstreaming the principles of the National Strategy on Biological Diversity with regards to tourism.

Schulungsmodul (German) (9.6 MB)

Begleittext (German) (1.9 MB)

Code of practice on tourism and biodiversity

Titel Leitfaden  


One main outcome of the project is the code of practice "Umsetzungsstrategien zur erfolgreichen Förderung von Naturtourismus und Entwicklung von Naturerlebnis im Tourismus".

Dokument (German) (2.2 MB)

Brochure on tourism and nature conservation

Titel Tourismus und Naturschutz  

The brochure "Tourismus und Naturschutz – Gemeinsam für den Erhalt der biologischen Vielfalt" introduces best practice examples from the work of the NGOs in the fields of cooperation and environmentally friendly tourism products.


Dokument (German) (1.1 MB)

General principles on tourism and biodiversity

Title Leitbild  

The Working Group on Tourism and Biodiversity established general principles on tourism and biodiversity to support the National Strategy on Biodiversity.

Leitbild zu Tourismus und biologischer Vielfalt (German) (970 KB)

Strategy on tourism and biodiversity

Title Strategy  

The joint strategy on tourism and biodiversity developed by the Working Group on Tourism and Biodiversity supports the implementation of the National Strategy on Biodiversity.

Verbändestrategie zur Unterstützung der „Nationalen Strategie zur biologischen Vielfalt“ (1.3 MB)

Sustainable tourism products for children and young people

Titel Kinder auf Reisen  

The brochure "Natur erleben und entdecken – Arbeitsmaterialien für Kinder und Jugendliche auf Freizeiten und Reisen" gives an overview of sustainable tourism products offered by NGOs for children and young people, being of interest for tour operators specialising on children and youth travel.


Dokument (German) (2.2 MB)

Recommendations on tourism labels

Titel Empfehlungen  

The recommendations show how to integrate the needs of conservation of biodiversity into selected tourism and quality labels.


Dokument (German) (210 KB)


Further downloads:


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