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In the project 'Fostering sustainable tourism as a perspective for the future' ETE reviewed the implementation of international conventions and agreements regarding sustainable tourism development in Germany. Furthermore, the project promoted the topic among politics, tourism industry and consumers through events, publications and a NGO working group.

The project's website has been closed. The main contents of the website have been integrated into the study "Sustainable tourism in Germany" (Nachhaltiger Tourismus in Deutschland: Überregionale und modellhafte Initiativen von Politik, Wirtschaft und Verbänden im Spiegel der Umsetzung des Arbeitsprogramms „Tourismus und nachhaltige Entwicklung“ der UN-Kommission für nachhaltige Entwicklung - CSD) which can be found here at "Publications".


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Project description, duration, donors etc.



Project partners were a plurality of german tourism and nature conservation NGOs and associations.



Best Practice and regional model initiatives of NGOs, destinations, tourism businesses, and governments



Series of workshops at the tourism fairs C-B-R Freizeit und Reisen and TourNatur