Duration: January 2005 - August 2008

Brief project description:

The project Protection and sustainable development of the Carpathians in a transnational framework is being realized within the scope of the EU Interreg III B CADSES Neighbourhood Program. Its main purpose is to contribute to the effective implementation of the Carpathian Convention, which shall serve as tool for harmonic and sustainable cross-border development in the Carpathian countries. In cooperation with the Czech Ministry of the Environment and CEEWEB, ETE is coordinating the tourism working group under the Carpathian Convention, aiming on the elaboration of a strategy and protocol to the Carpathian Convention. Further activities of ETE within the frame of the Carpathian Project, comprise the elaboration of a training program focused on the development of sustainable tourism products as well as the elaboration and implementation of a methodology and a pilot project for Local Agenda 21 in the Slovak Republic.

ETE activities:

  • Tourism Working Group of the Carpathian Convention
    ETE supports the tourism working group of the convention which develops a tourism protocol and a strategy for sustainable tourism development in the Carpathians.
    Partners: Czech Ministry of the Environment, CEEWEB for Biodiversity, ETE
  • Development of a training programme on the sustainable tourism in the Ukraine
    The elaboration of the training programme takes into consideration the tourism development and the needs of the target groups in the Ukraine. The three modules cover the topics Strategic Tourism Development, Quality improvement in the tourism business and Development of Tourism Products.
    Partners: Goulandris Natural History Museum, Kifissia, Griechenland, International Charitable Foundation Heifer Project International Ukraine
  • Local Agenda 21 and natural and cultural heritage
    Based on the process of local agenda 21 the project develops a methodology for the awareness raising on the relevance of natural and cultural heritage in a model region in Slovakia. A special workshop series is organised to elaborate and test adequate training material and methodologies togehter with local stakeholders.
    Partners: A-projekt n.o., CEEWEB for Biodiversity, ETE

Lead partner:

Interim Secretariat of the Carpathian Convention (UNEP Vienna ISCC), Vienna, Austria

Supported by:

European Commission (Interreg III B CADSES)

Website of the Carpathian Convention: